Ladies and Gentlemen,

I invite you to participate in the 12th Women in Logistics Forum, which this time will take place as an international conference under the theme “IMPROVISUS – welcome to the unpredictable, unexpected, and sudden world!”

My aim is to create an international platform for this year’s Forum. In today’s globalized world, as a community of women in logistics, we constitute a strong group not only within Poland but also across other countries and continents. By bridging these diverse environments, I aim to initiate the establishment of an international business networking for the Women in Logistics Forum, encompassing both female and male researchers specializing in projects related to women’s leadership in the logistics industry. This initiative will facilitate more effective exchange of knowledge and experiences, broaden our networking opportunities, and amplify our influence on the local and global development of logistics.

Let’s all meet in Warsaw this June!

Beata Trochymiak
Founder and Chairwoman
Women in Logistics Forum